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Kabuli Chana Jumbo 2 LBS , 4 LBS

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Kabuli Chana Jumbo 2 LBS , 4 LBS

Chole is Punjab’s most favorite dish, popular all over North India. It is a spicy, mouth watery and delicious dish. Chole is prepared with Kabuli chana (chickpeas).  First Kabuli chanas are soaked overnight then after boiling they are simmered in spicy gravy made by onion, garlic, tomatoes and aromatic spices. Chole is traditionally served with bhatura, the combination known as chole bhature, but they can be served with rice, poories, chapatti or parathas.

Chloe’s are enjoyed by the people of all age group. There is not any wedding or lunch or dinner party’s menu complete without it. You will find chole in all most all the Indian restaurants all over the world. Chickpea Curry not only tastes good it is packed with healthy ingredients. It is easy to make and is even better if made in advance and kept for a day before eating. Chickpea Curry also freezes very well so make extra and eat it whenever you feel like eating spicy food

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