Punjabi Wadiyan (Spice Balls) 400 Gms


Punjabi Wadiyan (Spice Balls) 400 Gms

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Wadiyans are sun-dried spicy lentils dumplings or nuggets. They are very spicy and each bite sends a spice burst in your mouth. They are not edible straight away but it is an ingredient which is used in the preparation of various dishes and curries, like Aloo Vadi, Dal Vadi etc

Wadiyan’s are made with lentils and Lentils are first soaked then grounded, and then dal paste is kept overnight to ferment and to give the savoring taste. Then whole spices like whole black pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, red chili powder, salt, asafetida and grated petha (white squash) are added to the dough. Then with the fingers, one at a time small blobs of the dough, the size of ping-pong balls dropped on a cotton fabric and then left under hot summer sun to dry. After the balls of dough are dried they can be kept for a longer period of time.

Normally one or two wadis are broken into small pieces and sautéed with some oil and then cooked with vegetables. Most of the time wadiyan are cooked with potatoes but they can be added to several vegetables and pulao. They go well with chapattis and any other Indian bread.